Thursday, March 11, 2010


As you know stuff gets taken from the workroom on a regular basis. I know; I don’t get it either. I joke about being a starving teacher, but I’d never stoop to taking another person’s a Lean Cuisine. Plus it is not like a box of hanging file folders is the one thing that is keeping me from living the dream.

Anyway, this time it was a humongous industrial pencil sharpener that’s gone missing and the department head, Borrish, has informed us that she has “vowed” to find the culprit. The result from the other teachers can’t exactly be described as quaking in one’s boots.

No, it would be the opposite. I say this because all of the teachers started to reply to one another in emails with puns related to the crime.
I will not stop until I uncover every graphite detail.

This has become a No. 2 priority.

I will not stop until every lead has been tracked down.

Erase all doubt! The guilty will be exposed.
What can I say? Spring Break is almost here. This was a chance for teachers to blow off some steam so they can make it to Friday. Plus, what teacher is going to pass up a pun? It’s like our catnip.

Oh! I’m sure Borrish is the write person for the job.

I feel so much better.

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