Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Day Break

I wouldn’t call this a week of state testing. It is actually just four days. Another interesting fact is that we don’t even test for four days in a row. We tested all day yesterday; today we’re back to our classes and then tomorrow, it’s back to testing.

Here’s my question: How in the hell am I expected to get anything done with my students with a scenario like that?

The classes will probably go like this, “Okay kids, let’s review what we covered three days ago…you know…before you tested for five hours yesterday. ‘Why?’ you ask. “Well, so that we can bridge the gap until the next time I see you, which will be in six days and will consist of fifteen more hours of testing.”

How does someone in their right mind plan a schedule like that? Sometimes I think that the people in charge have bets with one another on who can interfere with teachers the best. They’re like the gods on Mount Olympus getting involved with the mortals of Earth… you know… except they’re not gods… and just plain old jerks.

I can imagine how those conversations go:

“Sometimes, for kicks, I’ll just get on the PA system and make pointless announcements throughout the day. You know that’s got to piss them off. One time I just got on there and read the week’s lunch menu.”

“That’s a good one. What I love doing is never returning their phone calls or e-mails. I mean it’s cruel, but at the same time HI-larious.”

“This year I’ve decided to schedule state testing so that there is one day of class instruction in the middle of everything.”

“Oh no you didn’t!”

Surely the whole thing would end in a round of high fives.

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