Thursday, February 18, 2010

Visionary Position

The new vision posters for the school district are ready to be picked up at and signed for in the front office. You see, we have to sign for them because it is mandatory to display these banners of a shared vision for the purpose of our school district (that I had nothing to do with in developing) to demonstrate unity.

Though it sounds like the statement has “OR ELSE” in it, it does not. It’s one of those acrostic type things. You know how those things go; it uses a positive word that no one can disagree with like SMILE or PROGRESS. And it is always industry related, so you know our acrostic doesn’t involve PROGRESS.

Nope. This year’s mantra is LEARN. Are you ready?
Leaning is important.
Everyone learns.
All moments are learning moments.
Respect learning.
Never stop learning.
It sounds like somebody needs to learn some creativity if you ask me. It’s either that or the word “learn” will be featured prominently on this year’s mandatory state testing. Because when it comes to what schools are all about these days, whom are we kidding? This is what the vision statement SHOULD say:
Taking tests is what we do.
Everything comes down to tests.
Stop reading something if it isn’t on a test.

I think we're suffering from blurred vision.

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