Friday, February 12, 2010

My Funny Valentine

The senior pranks have started early this year and this morning’s was Valentine’s themed in a way. Somehow some jack-a-ninnies were able to sneak in and replace the snacks in one of the vending machines with condoms. Man, either our security around here needs an overhaul, or these kids were led into action by a freakin’ black-clad Tom Cruise character.

Either way, I think it is hilarious. It tickles me because high school students can be quite a boastful group when it comes to sex. We all know though that it is as foreign to them as, well, Spanish class (or hygiene). Right now I guarantee there are a more than a few kids who think they’re chewing on the “shittiest gummy worm ever.”

Anyway, it's a staff development day on Monday. Enjoy your holiday and I'll catch you guys on Tuesday.

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