Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Eco-ninny

This green movement has really caught on over the last few years. People are getting serious about reducing their carbon footprint. Even the jack-a-ninnies are doing their part.

There’s this one kid of mine, in my first period, who turns his assignments in on half-sheets of paper. This includes a recently turned-in fifteen hundred word literary analysis on Huck Finn. Let me make this clear: his work was not submitted on multiple half-sheets. The whole thing was on a single half-sheet. He even numbered each word to prove his work.

Granted, he’s using the rest of the paper preparing for “the greatest spitball fight ever,” so his conservation efforts may be flawed. But at least when he guts his pens and stockpiles them as spitball shooters he uses the tube of ink with the head of the pen still attached to do his work.

Yep, he’s just like the Native Americans with the buffalo, if you ask me. No part goes to waste.

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