Thursday, January 21, 2010

Truck Me

So I was leaving work way too late again and found myself in the middle of a traumatic event. A truck jumped the property and almost hit me! I was walking out to my car and contemplating if I could get home with the amount of gas I had in my tank. I was so tired that I didn’t want to stop on the way home, but I knew I would pay for it in the morning if I had to get up five minutes early, to leave five minutes early and fill up my tank then. I kid you not; those five minutes get me through the last two classes of the day.

Anyway, while wrestling with my dilemma, a truck passing in front of the school made a hard left, jumped the curb and was stopped by a tree just feet from me. The driver bolted immediately after the wreck, so I didn’t make out who it was.
I can joke about this now because I fortunately did not perish by runaway truck. And seeing how my overactive imagination is the coping mechanism that it is, here’s my question: What if this was an attempt on my life? Sure the incident looks like a joyride gone wrong or a possible drinking and driving act, but what if that is exactly what “they” wanted to look like. Now, who could the “they” be?

Well, we’re not talking about a cover-up by some junior senator waist deep in some chemical dumping scandal. I’m a teacher. I don’t exactly run in those circles, so what conspiracies that are teacher related are possible?
The reigning TOTY is looking to eliminate the competition.

A student who didn’t have his project done, but couldn’t stay home from school because he had too many absences already.

Another teacher wants me out of the way because she’s trying to get my portion of the Scantron allotment.

Pécan was upset that I wasn’t teaching to the state standardized test.

A kid was looking for revenge because he actually learned something from me in one of my classes.
Um that’s about all that comes to mind. Like I said, the teacher’s life is not a sexy one.

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