Monday, January 11, 2010

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Oh technology, on one hand you are steadily killing off a world that I look fondly back on, like seeing how many times you can wrap the phone cord around your sister or making mixed tapes. On the other hand, you’ve preserved such precious packages from my youth. Where else, but Hulu can I get ALF induced pleasure?

I’m speaking about technology today because it has yet infiltrated another time-honored tradition…the fundraiser.

The fundraiser for this year’s prom was all done online. It was the same old magazine subscription thing that they sell every year, but it involved patrons going to the website and making purchases rather than the ones in need approaching them.

There were no receipts for the students to keep track of, nor were there any days of toiling in the sun. Yes, gone are the days of going door to door and having said doors slammed in your face until you got enough money for your worthy cause. That’s when hard work was hard work, I tells ya. Heck, with this new method, people don’t even have to type in the URL of the fundraising site. One just has to send them a hyperlink to be clicked on.

Though I do consider myself quite nostalgic, I must admit that I like this new method. One, it eliminates me from being asked to be the middleman with money. Second, it doesn’t eliminate the volunteer mom interruptions. Sure those bothered me at first, but now I they are hilarious. Or do I think they are ridiculous? Wait, it’s both. This year a VM came in dressed as a vampire and made a whole bunch of Twilight references. What made it even better was the fact that she came in like a Béla Lugosi type vampire and not a pale British kid type vampire.

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