Thursday, January 07, 2010

Drive Me Crazy

We’ve been asked to clear out the shared drive on the school’s network due to the fact that it is completely full. There is not even room for another single file to be placed on there. Getting my stuff out of the shared drive will not be a problem because I’ve never kept anything in there. I tried once, but after I looked at what else was in there I passed. The thing was the educational equivalent of a junk drawer.

I’m not too sure that the atmosphere is too educational, though, when there are four folders (two are empty) named “Cheesy Veggie Dip.” Also, I must say that the pictures of one’s 1978 Camaro in various stages of repair are unnecessary, as are all the pictures of grandchildren in various Glamour Shots.

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t all personal stuff. There is school material, but it is just as useless. That is, unless I need to know who had hall duty by the boys’ locker rooms during Homecoming 2006. The theme that year was Wet & Wild, by the way. And to the person who saves every previous version of a ten-question math quiz: a font change does not need to be documented for posterity.

If you ask me, keeping the shared drive full might be the only way to stop this madness. Remove the opportunity to save stupid stuff, I say. Though they would probably find somewhere else to put it all. The thought of guessing where that would be frightens me.

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