Monday, December 14, 2009

Stage Fright

You would think that these students would get their serious faces on seeing how finals for the semester are over that next hill. I don’t believe that to is the case. There have been signs. One of the obvious indicators came this past Friday from one of my students who is teetering on the pass/fail fence.

As I had my kids in groups, allowing them to pool their resources together to review for my final, one student had converted her group into a practice audience. See, she needed a practice audience for the school holiday play that happened this weekend. Yes, I also have a problem with there being a school play just days before finals, but let me save that bewilderment for another day and stick to my little Glenn Close.

She was performing to her group her crucial scenes. Her big climax involved the line, “Hi-ya!” Go ahead jump back up to the last paragraph to make sure you read correctly. She is in a holiday play—with the line, “Hi-ya!” You may say that doesn’t make sense, but that is only because I haven’t shared yet that she had the part of Ninja #3. That’s a heck of a Nativity scene, if you ask me.

She also said that she got to wear a “sweet ski mask” so the reindeer couldn’t detect her approaching. Now that I think about it, she almost sounded like she was having a psychotic episode. I need to pay better attention.

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