Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tardy Hardy

Guess why no one showed up to my seventh period until twenty minutes in? It is because Hammer got on the PA and announced that teachers were not to count any students tardy for the last period of the day because the bell system was not working properly. This wasn’t a secret PA system with a special frequency that only teachers could hear. No, this was for everyone to hear, including the students. I'm sorry, but these students need boundries. Do you know what happens when you give a jack-a-n-ninny carte blanche? They take the carte, scribble all over it, smash everything in sight with it and then set the carte on fire. If you ask me, I hold Hammer as an accessory to the whole thing.

That does get me to thinking. Technically, Hammer did not give them permission to miss class, but he set the whole mess into motion. With that in mind, I wonder what other things he could have said to cause problems—not maliciously mind you, but more through incompetence.

“Has anyone seen my wallet? There’s a thousand dollars in it.”

“Students, if you see the door to the natatorium unlocked, please go ahead and lock it. The security code is 7, 8, 5….”

“I need someone to wait with my car until the detail guy comes. I’ll give you the keys so you can listen to the radio. Oh, and let me know if you see my wallet in there. It’s the one with a thousand dollars in it.”

Anyway, seventh period starts at the same time every day. I know this. The kids should know this, so how about I mark anyone tardy at 1:59 PM like I did the day before and the days before that? There’s no reason to blow off responsibility just because a battery needs to be changed or something.

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