Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We were on temporary lockdown yesterday. There was a middle-aged stranger tugging at the bikes at the bike rack, looking for loose transportation. One of our associate principals approached the wheel-less traveler and asked him what he was doing on the property. The man didn’t even answer, but bolted towards the school. It’s funny because they’re usually bolting from the school.

This guy evidently scaled the building parkour style, which is quite amazing considering that our school looks like a supermax prison. The AP lost track of the guy once he got to the roof. This is when they locked down the building and didn’t let us change classes (ninety minutes with my Seventh Period) until our little acrobat was seen bounding down the back of the cafeteria.

I’ve always heard that the rough of the rough at our school sometimes gather on the roof of the school. Your major things, the top drug dealers, and the rest of the rogues' gallery supposedly hold court up there, like warlords reigning over their turf. Can you imagine jumping into that? That’s like stowing away in the lions’ den to hide from the zookeeper. As I said, though, that’s purely rumor. A story that has thrived over time—as will the fact that the guy came down with a black eye, half a shaved head, and no pants.

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