Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Isn’t That Movie?

The district is sponsoring a contest for students. The contest involves kids creating a video showing how much they love their school. Hmm. I always wonder what happened to the leaders of The Soviet Union. It looks like they run our district. I sorta figured that.

In a thick Russian accent:

“Da little children vill shower their praise upon dis magnificent and glorious district, vich it rightvully deserves.”

I wonder why kids couldn’t just tell the truth about how they felt about their school. Maybe they won’t express love exactly, but that’s okay because it would be the truth and is that so wrong?

Let’s face it; there’s plenty for kids to be dissatisfied with at school. There are some dicks around here who are real serial bullies. Then there is the fact that the district has us give the kids way too many assignments each grading period. By the way, the district has us do that to saturate the grades. A poor mark has less of an impact when there are fourteen in a single grading period. That’s right. It isn’t always about learning in public education. Shocking.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, and guess what. They may not mind parents returning a teacher’s phone call. It shows that parents give a crap. Plus, I’m sure there’s a ton more that I’m not even aware of.

Hey, I’m sure that there are kids out there who wish to express their fondness for their school. I just hate that they are asked to express it in a cloak of propaganda.

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