Thursday, November 05, 2009

Scam Mail

One of the front office staff members sent out an e-mail asking if anyone received a printer earlier today. According to UPS someone signed for a printer that was delivered, but no one has seen it. The printer is not accounted for.

What a great scam! If I’m ever in the need of some extra cash I now know what to do. I just need to stand outside the front entrance of the school waiting for a delivery guy to show up. Then I would run up to him saying, “Oh is that my, my, my….” This would be accompanied by me snapping my fingers to indicate that I really know what’s in the box, but I’ve just lost the word. Why wouldn’t I know what’s inside? I mean I ordered it, right? At least that is how it would look.


Where was I? Oh yes, to seal the deal I would throw in some administrator lingo like, “This will really help me mind map those Section 32’s ASAP” or something like that. I better not think about it too much, though. I’m at my best when I just wing it.

There’s still the problem of how to unload my score. What am I talking about? I probably can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a student with a little bit of a fencing goods background. I hope whatever I get can be stripped for parts. I heard I can get more that way.

Seriously, who loses a printer?

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