Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Field Disadvantage

The Athletics Department is reminding all employees that you must show your ID badge and a valid state driver’s license or other photo identification in order to get into home games for free. Boy, why does it take more to go to our football games than to get a library card? I mentioned this very thing to one of our associate principals and his response was, “Nobody goes to libraries.” I’m still waiting for him to give me that “just kidding” laugh. Nothing yet.

The Athletics Department also kept emphasizing that these free admissions are only for general admissions. I wonder why. I mean look at your options. There’s the students’ section. It’s funny that I have to go through the proper channels to get into games for free, while half the kids are in the stands are loaded due to less stringent ID policies of the convenience stores in the areas. That section of the stands is like my classroom, but with a happy hour. That’s scary.

Then there’s the marching band area. Hmm, kids sweating in polyester uniforms and swinging things with spit valves around.

The words, “Nothing in the world is free,” have never ringed truer.

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