Thursday, October 22, 2009

Announce It to the World, Why Don’t You

You know, when you assume you make an ass out of u and me, but when you do it over the public address, then you’re just an ass.

Hammer has this thing where she gets on the PA and announces the teacher(s) who she didn’t see at their post(s) for morning duty. There’s nothing like calling out teachers to the whole school while you’re snugged away in a room across campus. Not only is it classy, but professional too because now you’re known as someone who fails to do your job. At least that’s how the message comes off and it happens in an instant, with no chance of being taken back. Unless Hammer gets back on and apologizes that is. Ha!

Do I think teachers can and have failed to show up for morning duty? I concede that. Do I think Hammer is failing to do her job by doing something that extreme and reputation damaging? Unless. Just the other day a fellow teacher, who was fingered by our own PA Abigail Williams, told me she was two minutes late because she was tutoring twenty students in a special session—a session that Hammer assigned to the teacher herself. That part didn’t make into her announcement, did it?

I myself got blasted yesterday, and she was right. I wasn’t there. I was on my way to my post when I came across a young lady in hysterics, having a breakdown. I chose not to push her down by her head and not break stride to get to duty on time, but tried to calm her down and find out what was wrong. The only action that Hammer took with me not showing up was her getting on that damn squawk box. She didn’t even come to speak with me personally.

All I’m saying is be professional. This administration preaches to us, nay, bashes it into us, to give the students the benefit of the doubt. Why can’t we get the same deal? I mean there are a number of times where Hammer has let me down, like never returning my e-mails or putting a form in my box on a Friday afternoon and asking it to be completed by Monday morning, but I don’t get on the PA and go, “Evelyn Hammer! Evelyn Hammer! Evelyn Hammer!”

I don’t know. Perhaps my expectations of a public address system are warped. I mean I did grow up on episodes of M*A*S*H where light-hearted silliness emitted from the camp’s speakers.

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