Thursday, October 08, 2009

Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

Can somebody please tell our administrators that the thing they speak into is a public address system for brief, infrequent announcements and not a freakin’ radio transmitter? That thing should be a hot potato. Try not to touch. Get on, then get off. Not everything that goes on in this school should be proclaimed to the masses. I swear that they’re on that thing so much that the only time I can get some teaching done is when they have to break in for a sponsor.

If it isn’t cafeteria menu updates, then it is a rap about study tips. Let me tell you, the first rap by Pécan is hilarious. The eighth is torture. My only hope is that he starts taking callers on the air, so I can chime in. I sure hope that happens before he starts to incorporate sound effects or a puppet by the name of Mr. MODS.

Can I bring the FCC in on this?

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