Friday, October 02, 2009

Got Accent Marks?

Great. I have a student whose social life may have just ended before her high school career has. And if that is the case, then it was my fault.

The girl I’m speaking about is Leche. I’ve seen it before with students named Serenity or Lisa (Trust me; he had it rough) or a spelling twist like Brittany. This time they decided to name their daughter after the Spanish for milk.

At least that’s what my two years of high school Spanish classes lead me to assume. That and the fact that the printer used for our grade books is incapable of making accent marks.

You see, her name is actually Leché and is meant to be pronounced Le-shay. If I haven’t provided fodder for the mean souls who attend this school, then I don’t know what I’ve done. Oh, to be an accomplice to such a thing! I might as well have tripped her in the cafeteria.

No, no, I’m putting half the blame on her. She’s had plenty of opportunities to correct me on the pronunciation of her name. I mean we’re not too far into the school year, so I’m still treating my roll sheet like a checklist, calling out names on-by-one. Once I get familiar my kids (as familiar as I can get with a group I’ll never understand) then I’ll be able to do the old once over. So for all those times I fumbled-up her handle, she chose not to pipe-up.

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