Friday, September 18, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Jack-A-Ninnies

What is a teacher? A teacher is part parent, setting guidelines for behavior. A teacher is part therapist to aid these kids emotionally and psychologically as they develop. A teacher is part disciplinarian for those extreme moments. A teacher is part cheerleader celebrating the victories, but we might as well be contestants from that show Fear Factor.

Today’s challenge involved watching one of my students keep his fake gold grill behind his ear. Seeing that made me gag like Joe Rogan was showing me a maggot buffet.

I would have told him to put it away, but to a kid whose black t-shirt is crusty from set sweat stains, a mouth piece with “PIMP” encrusted on it out of cubic zirconia behind the ear is as put away as it is going to get. Either that or I was afraid to see if he did have another idea where the grill could go. There was no need to risk seeing hands going down pants.

There seems to be a progression of people putting disgusting items behind their ears. First you have cigarettes, and now it’s the grills. I’m afraid of what’s next. A dead rat? A severed body part?

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