Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bike Lockdown

I had to stop a kid in the hallway yesterday. He was hauling around a bike. This is how warped this job has made me. I was proud of this kid for walking the thing and not actually riding it around the halls. I mean it, proud. I expected him to be doing figure eights around the columns in the cafeteria.

Anyway, I asked him why he was herding his transportation around the halls. He shared that he didn’t have a lock for his bike, and he knew if he left it at the bike rack that it would be stolen. I addressed that escorting his bike through the building was not an option. He acknowledged this and enlightened me to the fact he tried leaving the bike at the front office, but they told him that he couldn’t leave it there.

“So they saw you leaving with the bike,” I asked. “Where did they think you would go?”

His shrug indicated that he hadn’t given much thought about it, “They just told me to keep an eye on it until I got a lock.”

“They saw you leave with it? Down the hall?”

Another shrug flowed and ebbed.

What would have been the harm for administration to hold the bike for a day? Instead, they send him out with a bike, in the school, for a day. I also wondered what else the front office would allow this kid to disappear with down the hall. He doesn’t have a place to stash his weed? He needs a hideout for a hot stereo? A bazooka? A Bengal tiger?

I mean it. How about a little assistance from the front office, so I don’t have to Ponch and Jon it in the hallways on top of everything else I have to do around this place? Unless this is some sort of training technique, like what Mr. Miyagi did in The Karate Kid. You know, Daniel Larusso wasn’t actually waxing on and off, but learning defensive blocks. I’m not actually stopping a kid in the hall, but the front office is prepping me with the mechanics for some badass move. I hope I get to crane kick someone in the face.

Knowing that I couldn’t let this kid continue around with his bike, I told him he could leave it in my room as long as he picked it up at the end of the day. I spent all day fending off my jack-a-ninnies from touching it. It wasn’t the best learning environment; I’ll tell you that. Oh, and it’s still here today. It looks like I got my first abandoned item of the year.

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