Monday, August 31, 2009

Well Hung

We had our first BAP class on Friday. The objective was to emphasize teamwork amongst a collection of unique individuals. The message was to be conveyed in a hangman game where the phrase was Together We Can.

Let’s see how unique my kids are: One kid guessed Assfiend In But. Another gave it a go with Balljobs On Her. By the time a student came with Sideboob Is Hot, our guy was hanged. What a kaleidoscope, right? The kids seemed to have wanted to do more though because they asked me to include hands and feet (and unfortunately, a schlong) on the little guy so they could go on.

Not to be defeated, I continued with the exercise by asking the follow-up questions that were provide for me in the lesson plan.

Why is learning about the group of people we learn/work with important?

The consensus was that you don’t want to work with anyone who isn’t cool.

What is one special interest or talent you have that can help the group work together?

I got nothing but silence and heads on desks, so I moved on to the next question.

Would it be easier if everyone in the group were just like you? Why or Why not?

The silence was broken by one of my kids jumped from his seat, “Yeah ‘cause I’m the biz-omb,” and punctuated it with a crotch chop.

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