Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Daydreams May Come

This morning I received one of those automatic messages in my e-mail from the IT department. It informed me that my e-mail address had been “revoked” from the system. By the sound of things I had been axed. Let’s face it; “revoke” doesn’t exactly create an image of a handshake and a promotion now does it? That wasn’t what popped into my head at least. What did, though, I must admit, wasn’t horrible.

All of the sudden, I was hiking through a meadow in New Zealand, with nothing but a catchy tune in my head. Then, I was suddenly in an old woodworking shop, lined with tools, behind a restored farmhouse in Connecticut, admiring a table I had just crafted. My mind then transported me to a third world village where an impromptu soccer game with the local children allows me a break from the well I am digging.

My stream of daydreams was then interrupted by another e-mail from IT assuring us not to worry about any revocation. The first e-mail was sent out because IT was updating from an 08-09 address book to a an 09-10 one and the automated message was merely a byproduct with some harsh language.

Actually, it was quite the opposite. The idea of being “revoked” from this job instilled some peace in me an idea of a different life. For ninety seconds there was a world where I was able to tackle my bucket list and be navigated by my whims.

Soon I found myself back in reality, working for a paycheck I can give to my student loans with only the apathy and snide remarks of my students to keep me going.

Oh, to be “revoked.”

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