Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wrapping Up

It’s a shame that we have to start thinking about next year before this one is finished, but such is this life. Speaking of both next year and life, we got the re-enrollment sheets for our insurance in our mailboxes this morning. You know what these things look like. They have all those boxes that you have to tick and return. This year’s version is a bit different than previous years’. It had nothing but acronyms on it. Why? I’m not sure because it was difficult to read. It was like I needed the decoder ring out of my Captain Crunch to decipher the thing. Maybe they were trying to condense everything to conserve on paper or something. Man, I hope saving money didn’t take precedent over teachers’ health!

I got really nervous when the sheet asked me to chose Yes or No on an option called STD. Am I admitting to something or opting for it!? Relief (HA!) finally came in the form of a fellow teacher explaining to me that STD stood for Short Term Disability. Whew!

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