Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paper Trail

Hammer has made us aware that we ran out of referral notices and more were being ordered. She has also encouraged us to ease up on sending jack-a-ninnies to their associate principal, but if we were to send a kid then we are to have their current behavior logs attached so that justification could be supplied to the parents. Dude, I ran out of those four months ago.

Here’s a question: Why can’t us running out of referrals justify something? Are you telling me that a parent thinks we’re teaching a class, we’re at our dry erase board, and we just turn and shout at a kid, “What did you say about my mama?!” Are you telling me that the kid is just shocked because he has been hard at work on his assignment only to have this teacher flip out for no reason?

Could a teacher go overboard? Sure. Does it happen so much that we have to order more paperwork? I doubt it.

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