Thursday, May 14, 2009

Holy Moley!

It’s the end of the year and as usual there’s that end of the year congestion at the Scantron machine. There’s just so little time for us to get the last grading period grades in before finals that a teacher must endure lines that look like a toy store’s on Christmas Eve.

It’s appropriate that I bring up the holiday that celebrates the birth of Our Lord and Savior because when I became the next in line, the French teacher ahead of me turned to me and offered for me to go next because “[She was] a good Christian.” I kind of froze for a second. I mean, it caught me a little off guard. At first I worried if I should turn and offer the new next in line person behind me to go next or I wouldn’t be considered a good Christian. All the next day teachers would be talking about that Satanist who didn’t give up their spot in the Scantron line!

Then I realize it would be an un-Christian thing to do not to accept the offer, right? So I accepted and began to run my tests through. Just to cover myself though I did respond with an, In Jesus’ name, as I moved in front of her.

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