Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Card Sharp

Do you guys remember that gift card I was telling you about? Well, I won! Unfortunately, it turns out that they couldn’t give away a gift card to a restaurant because we could use it to by alcohol at its bar. Drats!

So instead, I’ve received a $25 gift card to Office Depot. Great. I’m in a field of work where I’m cocooned in school supplies, so what do I get as a treat? More school supplies. I mean, there are other options. I can drown my sorrows with a gift card to some ice cream parlor just as easily. Unless they’re afraid the sundaes have some sort of chocolate liqueur.

You guys know how I have that inner-stick it to the Man in me. Or, at least I like to pretend I do. Perhaps I can find away around this whole can’t promote alcohol consumption with this card as some sort of protest. Maybe that senior with the fake ID who buys beer for all the other kids takes gift cards. Or I could get creative and cook up some sort of moonshine with products found at Office Depot—a dry-erase-board-cleaner-coffee-creamer-on-the-rocks or something.

Hey I’m resourceful, I’ve been teaching kids for years with nothing but out-of-date textbooks and a steady diet of student apathy.

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