Monday, April 27, 2009

This could ruins us.

Thirty-nine boxes of state mandated test materials are sitting in the front office, ready for distribution for this weeks’ testing. The whole thing looks quite impressive. It was all stacked–up—like a pyramid or something. I half expected that there would be Inca gold inside!

Hey didn’t they used to do sacrifices on those pyramids? Maybe we could sacrifice a student. Wait. They have to be virgins, right? We may be hard-pressed there. I guess we could use a study virgin. Yeah, I like that. Let’s take the beating heart of that jack-a-ninny who got a 72 on my test and brags to the class that he didn’t even read the book.

Wow, I sounded really harsh there, didn’t I? Normally when a D- is rubbed in my face I take the Joke’s on Them stance. Oh well, let’s just chalk it up to End of the Year stress.

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