Monday, April 20, 2009

All in favor.

We got an e-mail about next year’s PTA nominations. It went something like this:
President: Joyce Carol
1st Vice President: May Alcott
2nd Vice President: OPEN
3rd Vice President: OPEN
Secretary: Rebecca Davis
Treasurer: Mary Masterson
I wonder if this was sent to the teachers so we could give some input. If so, then what’s with all the Vice Presidents? I would say there are about two of them too many. What? If the person who has been nominated President does not comply with all of these rules, s/he may automatically disqualify him/herself and relinquish the position, and the first Vice President shall reign as President for the remainder of the year. In the event the first Vice President is not qualified, the second Vice President shall reign as President for the remainder of the year. AND if the second Vice President….

Or how about, Yikes! There are thousands of parents at this school, and they can’t fill six spots? We’re not talking about astronauts here. It's the PTA. Maybe Pécan will require us to take on the positions. You know, with our light schedules and all.

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