Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do you suppose there is such a place, TOTY?

Voting for TOTY is here again. You guys know my stance, but I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind a little bit of recognition. This is when I wish I worked at one of those notorious schools. You know, like where the teachers are having sex with the students or something. I would be a saint if I could be compared to cats like that. I would be perennial all-star material.

Can you imagine if my classroom was next to Mary Kay Letourneau’s? TOTY plaques would line my wall! It would be a wall with rapturous moaning emanating from the other side, but a plaque-filled wall nonetheless.

Sex with your students is so 90’s though, I suppose. These days it’s cage fights:

Embedded video from CNN Video

Truth be told that might be a bit more tempting because, depending on the jack-a-ninny, I might want to take a peek. But then I would leave immediately. I swear.

Heck, that may still be enough to get me the award. Speaking of, can you imagine this year’s acceptance speeches at those schools?

“Uh, this is a real honor. Any of ya’ll got any weed?”

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