Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fool’s Gold

As you know I’ve got all kinds of jack-a-ninnies whom I’m responsible for. There are the grade grubber jack-a-ninnies, the sex fiend jack-a-ninnies, etcetera, etcetera. On April Fools though is when the spazzy jack-a-ninnies take the spotlight.

I can’t get through this day without one of them getting an “April Fools!” in. It’s like an inalienable right in their Jack-A-Ninny Declaration of Independence or something. And believe me that “April Fools” gets in there, no matter how forced.

I’m taking role; there’s a “She died—April Fools.” If I ask if anyone if they want to read the next passage; a hand goes up soon followed with an “April Fools.” It gradually escalates to them just blurting things out.

“I love English—April Fools!”

“I peed my pants—April Fools!”

“I think I’m gay—April Fools!”

Oh man! I have zero urge to choke—April Fools.

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