Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just Say No

All the teachers got a memo in their boxes. It covered all the new drug trends found in schools. The idea is to keep our eyes peeled, so we can report any suspicious activity. Great, the only people who get this type of work are teachers and the freakin’ DEA. Does this make sense? Am I supposed to be looking for terrorists too?

Well, I’m sorry. Unless I get a spiffy badge (or gun) then I’m just going to stick to teaching. The next thing you know I’ll be asked to stakeout a locker suspected as a highly used drop. Me and my partner, a physics teacher with one week left before retirement, are holed up in a janitorial closet with binoculars, recording equipment, snack cake wrappers and stale coffee. He’s going on about how much time he’s going to spend on his fishing boat, then BAM! I’ve got to avenge his death.

Hey, this would make a great movie.

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