Friday, February 27, 2009

Shake, Rattle and Come

The most bewildering thing happened yesterday. I was calling kids up to take a look at their latest test grade while they were supposed to be doing an in-class assignment. One by one, they came up until I got to this one girl, Sara. She was just sitting there, cheek resting on the palm of her hand and in a daze. It was one of those moments where any mean student could have gone up to her, slapped her arm and sent her face crashing down into her desk.

I called and called her, but nothing. Normally, I would just move on. You know the old saying, “You day dream, you lose,” or something like that. This time though I spotted a box of confiscated candy hearts on my desk that I never got around to tossing and on a whim I shook it. Sara jumped up and came to my desk, blank stare and all. I showed her her test grade, and she stood there until I shook the box again, which sent her back to her desk.

Was she trying to be clever in some way? I doubt it, since other days she’s taking Sharpies to her hair or alternates shutting eyelids the whole period. Regardless, I’m holding onto the box of candy hearts, especially if it has the ability to make my students do my bidding. I could rule the world!

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