Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fired, the Un-hiring

One of the assistants in the front office let it slip that Hammer was attending something called an un-hiring seminar. Yikes. I guess some heads are going roll around here soon. Now I need this job, but at this time of year, I do have that sweet relief vibe coming from the idea of being, uh, un-hired.

In a way being un-hired even more depressing than being fired. Fired at least has this powerful air about it, like being fired upon or fired out of a cannon. Plus, being un-hired is like your boss coming to you and saying, “Listen, we would like nothing more than to somehow defy the universe, go back in time and undo disasters like the Kennedy assassination or—hiring you. But since no technology exists for such a thing, we’re just going to say you’re un-hired. Now get un-settled in and get un-on the premises.”

I guess being fired is no longer politically correct. Hey, it happens. How do you think we got to using fired? You couldn’t say get kicked in the balls anymore.

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