Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All Aboard the LEADERship!

So yesterday was some professional development. The topic was how to be an effective leader. One of the counselors did a train the trainer type thing and was sent to some three-day seminar about being a leader. They did this because the original program came with a Bible-thick instruction manual and a binder full of worksheets that supposedly cost over a thousand dollars. I turned to the teacher next to me and said, “Yeah, I heard General Patton talking about this.” Thankfully, she picked up on my sarcasm and chuckled. Or should I say unfortunately because the exchange garnered a stink-eye from Hammer and a scribble in her notebook.

But you guys see my point, right? A leader is a leader is a leader, and let me tell you this job thins the ol’ leadership heard toot sweet. I will continue to feel this way too as long as my school district has me break into small groups to create something called a power circle. If you don’t know what that is, then review page 632 of the counselor’s book and worksheet H-34.

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