Friday, February 06, 2009

Iota Heta This

Our district e-mailed us a link to information for transferring to the new high school that is opening next year. In case you’re not a regular reader, this district has been building like a mofo, but they’re cutting funds everywhere else. I’m half-afraid that this new school will have all the bells and whistles, but P.E. and music classes will be facilitated by Wiis instead of those expensive teachers. I guess it’s promising that they’re inviting any teachers to transfer at all.

I wonder if the new school will select teachers like fraternities and sororities select new members. What would that involve? I doubt it includes making pledges staying up all night. We teachers do that already with our workloads. Where’s the challenge? I guess they could force us to eat a barrel full of pickles in one sitting, but to tell the truth, when’s the last time I ate so well? They could tie me to a tree in my underwear. Again though, gun to my head, there are days where that sounds better than facing my classes and, in many ways, less humiliating.

So sure, maybe I’ll pledge to Springwood Bayou High School this year. I hope I get a cool pledge name, like Butt Sweat. Once again, that’s better than what students call me.

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