Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This must be some sort of gadget.

So our librarian was asked to pass along that the district has purchased an iTouch and a Kindle to be shared between all the schools. If we are interested in working with either, then we are to contact her so she can requisition it for us for two weeks. She finished her e-mail with Don’t kill the messenger.

I guess I would be furious, if I wasn’t just so, so—baffled. If one of my students forgets their copy of Inherit the Wind, then am I supposed to sign-up for the Kindle, wait six weeks for it to arrive, and give it to him so he can draw penises on it like he did with his paper copy? I just don’t get it. What are we (all the schools in the district) supposed to do with one iTouch and one Kindle? Are they hoping that one of us is like a technology messiah who will multiply the devices and digitize the masses?

If I taught Lord of the Flies then I guess I could do some role-playing by letting them fight over the iTouch. If so, then it’s curtains for “Coke Bottle Glasses Lewis” in seventh period!

Don’t worry. Nobody calls him that to his face. It’s just what I refer to him in my head. The kids just call him “fag.”

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