Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Land of a Thousand Dances

Just to let you know that Soulja Boy is no longer the rage. It’s now Do Da Stanky Leg.

Of course, if I know about it then it’s probably played out too.

So how did I catch on to this phenomenon? Well, the paperwork for my open enrollment for my insurance did not end up in my box, but another’s did. To make sure that she got her papers, but more importantly, to make sure I got mine, I decided to stroll down to her economics class during my planning period and make an exchange. Sure, I hate to bother another while she is teaching, but this was kind of important.

Luckily, when I opened the door to her classroom, I didn’t seem to be interrupting anything important at all. It was the teacher and the students watching some of the other students showing off their own stanky legs. Well, you can’t say that we aren’t getting these kids ready for college. Have you been? They throw some sick parties, yo! Now preparing them to get into college—that’s a different story.

Maybe my standards are too high. At least the teacher wasn’t dancing. I mean, someone has to DJ.

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