Monday, January 26, 2009

Web-on of Choice

I got one of those automated mass e-mails from my state’s teacher professional organization updating me on their new Web site design that is coming soon. Usually this would be of no interest to me because I have never gone to the site. Who has the time? Oddly enough though, I do have time watch the following over and over again. Strange.

Anyway, this e-mail was almost as amusing. We were notified that the organization plans to have migrated its 60,000 Web pages over to the new design in the near future. Trying to streamline 60,000 page with a new site are we? Good luck with that.

It’s no wonder that I don’t get on the site. Hey everybody, let’s sift through this stack of 60,000 papers! Look ya’ll, a 60,000 page book. Let’s read it!

Sadly, though I’ll probably end up watching that video that many times.

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