Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fire Retardant

We had another fire drill today. While I was standing there with a bunch of random students (mine had scampered off into that little oasis of pines found at the front of our campus for aesthetic purposes) listening to random chatter about how they wished the school was really on fire and how they would steal one of the fire engines if it were, I saw the Diamonds (our dance team) out practicing their newest routine.

It’s not like I have a problem with that. There will be no rant about appropriate school procedures or anything like that. They’re outside already, why wouldn’t it be business as usual? Besides I think I also spotted one of my kids scratching his butt on one of those trees.

It’s just that I thought how funny it would be if that’s how the diamonds actually practice for a fire drill. Can you imagine? There would be this complex synchronize dancing to the backdrop to a disastrous blaze. It would be like High School Musical met Earthquake.

What can I say? My mind even wanders anywhere, anytime.

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