Friday, January 30, 2009

Tag, you’re it!

Hammer is on my ass for not wearing my name tag. Well, the truth is that I have lost it, and they cost eight dollars to replace, so it ain’t happening anytime soon. This is especially true, since I have to sell my plasma to make sure I have enough reams of paper for the year. Replacing my name tag is the least of my worries.

Here, if you’re visiting SLHS and you need to find me, then look for the following:
The guy with bags under his bloodshot eyes

The guy with ink paw—that stain teachers get on the side of their hands

The guy who is on day eight of wearing the same pants

The guy who jogs in place trying not to pass out from exhaustion

The guy fingering the change return on the vending machines
Oh, and bring a juice box and some cookies because I probably just came back from the blood bank.

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