Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cough it up it up, pal.

So we had a quick department meeting after school yesterday. I say quick, but in reality those things go on three times too long because everyone feels like they have to bitch about their horrible teaching lives instead of just sticking to the agenda, so we can get back to our swamped, suffocating jobs. Believe it or not, I’m never one of the bitchees. I save all of my gripes for the blog.

Anyway, this one teacher was non-stop coughing. I’m talking about every three seconds. He was like some sort of diseased metronome. The killer was that he never excused himself to take care of his TB, so there we were, stuck with this constant hacking. I wanted to put him out of his misery, just for the sake of everyone else’s morale. How does someone not realize that their constant coughing may be a distraction—or a biohazard.

Seriously, he could have stepped outside. It wasn’t vital that he stay. I mean, I could have caught him up to speed on whether it was his month to buy instant creamer for the workroom coffee. Besides, everything in these stupid meetings is covered again through Borrish’s countless e-mails anyway. I just wanted to scream and retaliate by coughing on him!

Instead, I take things out in this blog. This thing is such a lifesaver for me and my fellow teachers. If they only knew.

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