Monday, March 09, 2009

What the shell?

Someone actually tagged my door. It said, “Turtle was here.” Immediately I accessed the jack-a-ninny database in my head, and I didn’t get any Turtle hits. Obviously, this Turtle is making his/her debut in my teaching life.

Now it’s going to eat me up until I know the identity of Turtle. Is that a moniker due to appearance? Because I guarantee you that I’m eyeballing any students who have resemblance to said amphibian—eyes on the side, hook-like nose, humpback.

Boy I hope that isn’t the case because I could see that getting me into trouble. Say if I did suspect somebody am I supposed to mumble, “Hey Turtle, Turtle,” under my breath to see if they react? There’s a thin line between finding a culprit and just teasing, my friend!

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