Monday, March 23, 2009

A Pinky Situation

Guess what I read about over Spring Break? Over 26,000 teachers in California were given their pink slips because the state’s school districts have to adjust for an eight billion dollar cut in funding. Also the plan is that no class will have less than 36 students in each class. Nevermind the fact that those classrooms were most likely not built for 37 people, but this means courses that are on say an honors level, advanced placement or gifted and talented will be dissolved because they will not have the 36 student minimum.

Great. Nothing says preparing the leaders of tomorrow, today like limiting opportunities. They’re actually going to thin the heard by thickening it! Oh, and I had mentioned how the classrooms were not built for 37 people (36 students, plus a teacher). That’s if they end up keeping any teachers. You think I’m kidding, but the cuts didn’t stop there either. Plans are in place to cut libraries and counselors because let’s face it—what kid needs guidance or information?

And I almost forgot. The kids will also be sitting in filth. Janitors are to be goners too.

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