Thursday, March 12, 2009

Statue of Limitations

I have this feeling that Pécan is on his way out. Not only does it seem that he’s given more responsibility to Hammer, but it seems like he’s trying to leave a legacy too. I mean he started BAP, which hasn’t worked out so well. Now, for the last couple of weeks he’s been doing these one-minute daily affirmations over the PA that promote studying and school spirit and whatnot. Along with the affirmations, he’s been trying to plant another seed of tradition. He’s encouraging students to go and touch the statue of our school mascot, a robber baron, as a gesture of that school spirit.

Specifically, the baron has a money satchel over his shoulder and Pécan wants the students to touch the satchel for luck. Over time, placing one’s hand on the satchel can prove to be traditional gesture that Pécan is looking for. Have you noticed that I have said “satchel” quite a bit? I’ve done this as a way of rinsing out the disturbing image Pécan made with his phrase to get the students to lay their hands on the baron statue—And don’t forget students, rub the sack.

I didn’t even try to carry-on with class for the next three minutes because the kids were going, um, nuts.

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