Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So Hammer calls me into her office. Apparently, there’s been a complaint about me by one of the students. Evidently, I held up a “just a moment” finger to a student who came up to me and started talking to me while I was reading a just-handed-to-me-by-an-office-aide note from Hammer herself.

So this little whambulance driver went to Hammer to vent how “rude” it was for me to stop him in the middle of a sentence, though he did start that sentence by just walking up to me and start talking.

Are you kidding me? This punk-ass can get Hammer to stop everything—to get me to stop everything—because I found it more pressing to read Hammer’s note than to hear his unsolicited request, nay, demand that he go out to his car because he forgot his Role Models DVD? I tell you what. When the tail begins wagging the dog then it’s time to jerk that chain.

I can understand Hammer shooting me an e-mail to tell me what this kid had done. She knows his story because the note she sent me was about him! She wanted to know if he was present because he had been marked absent the last two periods. But she didn’t do that. She called me in and “reminded” me that we deal with a sensitive clientele (which is probably why he mumbled something that sounded like “fag” under his breath when he was denied access to his car) and then she handed me a handout from some professional development seminar from like fifteen years ago. It had a Marmaduke cartoon on it!

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