Friday, March 27, 2009

Who orchestra this plan?

There’s an orchestra competition at the school this weekend, and I was only told that my room will be used for judging today. Great.

The e-mail that informed me of this also shared that there was no guarantee that the items in my room would remain safe or intact, so I should secure or take anything deemed valuable if I don’t want to risk losing it.

The e-mail actually said intact. What does that mean? Are junkies going to rip the copper wiring out of the walls to sell to scrap dealers for smack money?

Well, since I don’t have a secret lair behind a revolving bookcase that opens when you pull on one of the books, I guess I’ll be hauling stuff home. Again, a little bit more of a heads-up would have been nice. I can only take so much, so I’ll have to take a rolling inventory as I scrambling.

“Can I live without this?”

“Can I get another one of these?”

“The lamp or the fan?”

It’s like I’m trying to catch the last plane out of Saigon!

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