Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hobo Teaching sTrIP #08-479

So that Savana Redding case went in front of the Supreme Court yesterday. One thing is for sure—that was quite a story. You know me though; I’m so Mr. Positive—always finding the bright side. Yep that’s me.

Now my half-full moments can be a bit far-fetched, so here we go: Do you know the positive I can take from school administration strip-searching a thirteen-year-old for prescription-strength ibuprofen though she never had a history of such behavior and was subjected to this simply because another girl went all Salem witch trial and said she was holding? We now know that our administrations are capable of such zeal. We just have to redirect it.

Don’t roll your eyes. We teachers are told to do the same thing with problem students all the time—create opportunities for them to exercise their strengths to promote learning. We just need to take that ardor and apply it to say, getting my kids to do a proper Works Cited page. Or there was that one time when my student said that he was, “going to beat [my] ass.” I would have loved to have seen a little bit of that let’s grab this kid and strip-search them mentality instead of doing absolutely nothing when I sent him to his Associate Principal’s office. Don’t worry; his AP had incredible foresight. Two weeks later the kid missed the rest of the year to recover from a gunshot wound. Only the wisdom of his AP could have predicted that the Universe would correct itself like that.

Now I’m talking about little doses, so obviously we would need to dial the intensity a bit. We wouldn’t want a hand to be chopped off or anything—I guess.

So what do you think? I say let’s do it. Let’s tap into this powerful resource. Who do I have to show my junk to to get this done?

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