Friday, May 08, 2009

Eruption, Eruption, What’s Your Function?

Sure I get down on our students here from time to time to time to time to time—to time to time to time—well you get my point. But they also need some credit too.

Take this morning’s evidence of a senior prank. Every year they fill the fountain in our student courtyard with detergent, so that it creates a bubbly mess. This year’s crop of pranksters though went a step further. They decorated the fountain to look like one of those papier-mâché volcano experiments we did back when we were in elementary school.

Hey, you have to admire the dedication that it took to pull that off. It’s that kind of stick-to-it-ness that results in success. Maybe this country’s future isn’t as bleak as I have projected in the past. You know, as long as pranks somehow become an energy source and our number one export.

Fingers crossed!

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