Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Being Called Into Question

A fellow teacher came by yesterday to talk about her annual teacher review from her associate principal. She was really upset because she felt some of the questions on there were, um, “stupid.” There was one that she shared in particular that I feel needs to be passed along to you guys.

The question asked what skills, interests or education could she use to contribute to a student’s learning experience. She was upset because she couldn’t come up with any skills, interests or education that stood out, so she saw it as a faulty questioning.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that some of the questions are designed not only for evaluation, but for reflection. Sadly, she certainly didn’t seem to have that Hmm, what can I do to ensure that I have interest, skills and education to contribute to a student’s learning experience? moment. I didn’t feel quite comfortable telling her that, though, so I just listened.

Great. Now when some grown-up jack-a-ninny throws a “Those who can’t do…” at me at a party or something, I’m going to have to swallow some of that. What can I say? Stupid cliché.

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