Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The nurse e-mailed us to inform us that one of the teachers will be wearing a mask while we ride out this swine flu scare. If we see him, then we shouldn’t be concerned because he’s not contagious, but has a doctor’s note so he doesn’t catch anything. Look, I can’t judge the guy. He may be highly susceptible to diseases, and it is important that he takes such precautions.

I’m just saying that if I were in his clean room shoes, I might not make the same decision. The last thing a teacher needs is providing more fodder to teens who are teasing machines. Think about it. They’re ruthless to one another for braces and acne and they all have braces and acne. What can you imagine they’re going to do with a mask-wearing middle-aged man, wearing Piggy glasses who they see as the one who puts a damper on their social life?

“I can’t go to the concert this weekend because that masked freaked gave me an ‘F’. I swear he’s hiding his herpes.”

I know, I know, they have skewed views, but they’re as misguided as they are mean and that just supports my hunch that I couldn’t wear such a thing. Sorry, I’d rather risk my actual health, than my social health. What can I say; I’m a survivor.

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