Friday, May 22, 2009

School supplies? It’s more like FOOL supplies?

The Family and Consumer Sciences teacher (the Home Ec teacher) has asked other teachers to refrain from taking items from her classroom. What supplies teachers are taking from the Home Ec teacher, I have no idea. Napkins? Utensils? Tartar sauce?

Whatever it is, we seem to have multiple strategies. The first is that we’re coming in here while she’s actually trying to teach class. She finds this extremely awkward since some people incorrectly pronounce her name as “Greaves” or “Greenburg” when her name is just Green. Oh and there’s that whole trying to teach thing.

Then, she’s noticed that things are being taken while she’s out of her Home Ec lab. I can just imagine that one day she’s going to walk into her lab and catch a group of teachers rummaging around like raccoons.

To wrangle the whole situation she has e-mailed us a form that we can use to request the borrowing of her supplies ahead of time. Hmm that sounds like a wonderful idea for a bunch of moochers. Where was this form during the Katrina looting?

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